Why Cosmo Knives Are Unique

Why Cosmo Knives Are Unique2018-06-19T15:39:27+00:00
  • We use the highest quality premium stainless and carbon steels. Most other knives on the market use low to medium grade steels for ease of manufacturing and low cost. Collaborating with Niagara Specialty Metals we have discovered the best combinations of steels for edge retention, toughness, flexibility and stain resistance. While these metals are labour intensive to work with and more expensive, our research suggests they produce a far superior product that will last generations.
  • We produce our own signature stainless Damascus (High Chromium, Carbon Martensite pattern welded steels).
  • Our stainless Damascus offers a low maintenance alternative to carbon steel Damascus, which rusts.
  • We collect our wood burl locally and sustainably, and process and stabilize (resin injected under vacuum and pressure) it ourselves.
  • Each knife steel is tested for edge retention, toughness and hardness (Rockwell hardness tester) and overall quality in workmanship.
  • Each knife is hand-crafted from the raw steel up – we do not use robots or cnc machines.
  • Each knife is given a unique serial number and recorded in our database for identification and security.
  • Our knives are perfectly balanced for ultimate performance whether in the home, commercial kitchen or the outdoors.
  • The finish of our knives is second to none. We take extreme pride in the seamlessness of the handle, bolster and blade. Our leatherwork further reflects our skill and pride in our craft.
  • We use only ecologically sustainable products in our designs.
  • We are constantly researching and developing new steels, processes and designs.
  • In our island family we are fortunate to have much talent with a foundry, waterjet and cnc capability at our doorstep.
  • When buying a Cosmo knife you are not only buying a unique functional piece of art but also exceptional customer service. We provide a life-time warranty on workmanship and material defects and will sharpen your Cosmo knife at no charge for as long as we are able.
  • We are 100% Canadian made.
  • By supporting Cosmo Design you are supporting the continuation of the art of knife making.