“For the past ten years i have been looking for the perfect scandi grind bushcraft knife.  There were many small details on my list and I just couldn’t find a knife that accommodated them all…until I saw Seth Burton’s bushcraft knives.  Seth was able to design the knife to meet all my functional and aestetic requirements.  Handle ergononmics and highest quality, beautiful wood, blade finish, blade design including its tang, integrated finger guard.  The knife is both robust, yet refined.  Perfect blend of form and function.  Now, finally I have my perfect bushcraft knife.  Thanks Seth”  – Alex G., Redmond, Washington, US.

“The Kukri has arrived. It is magnificent! Thanks again Seth for making me a beautiful knife and a collectible piece of ‘fine-art’ for my ‘Seth –Cosmo collection’. You are a Master and I love the fact that ‘perfection’ is the name of the game for you, whatever you produce – Big , medium or tiny. Your craftsmanship is the essence of who you are i.e. extreme pride in whatever you put your hand to. I know a folder like this is not your first choice, so a very special thanks!” – Andrew Butt, Canada

“I just recently bought #2421 from Greg at Hacher & Krain and I am incredibly happy with it. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is incredible. Thank you for making this amazing knife.” – Justin Caguiat, Toronto, Canada

“Just thought I’d drop you a note about how the knife you made me six years ago. It’s a 10” French chef, G10 handle, hollow ground, Cosmo #1589. It gets used every day, but other than some scratches on the blade it looks brand new. It continues to cut like new also…I have only had to sharpen it on a stone once since getting it, finding that I can get it as sharp as I need with a few swipes every few days on a ceramic rod. The 10” blade is an ideal length for an all purpose kitchen chopper/slicer, much better most of the time than an 8” blade…with the length and extra weight, it just chews through chopping tasks much faster, and I can still choke up on the blade for a lot of fine work. I can even get the skin cleanly off salmon filets with it…so a really great all rounder. Not as fancy as the beautiful knifes you are making today, but wickedly useful and effective. Many thanks.” – Mitchell Temkin, Canada

“Two of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen arrived in Alaska today! What incredible pieces they are. They are everything I have been looking for. Not only are they handsomely built, but beautifully finished and outfitted. Add me to your list of admirers. My wife will be lucky if she ever gets to use hers… My son will be blessed to inherit these exquisite knives.” – Lee Wilkins, Alaska

“All in all, my knife is a true MUSEUM PIECE, so graceful are the lines, and the balance perfection. I mean, she is seriously lovely… Thanks for the gift, dear friend.” – Max Wedges, Canada

“Just wanted to say, my knife rocks my world everyday”  Kate Morgan, Australia

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the knife and scored major points as the best anniversary gift ever! The pattern, the handle, the design, everything! Thank you again.”  – Julie, Niagara Specialty Metals, New York

“I just returned home from our annual summer vacation with the family and I found my new Cosmo knife in the mail.
Seth, I love it and I think that it is a knock out! Everything about it is beautiful- handle, pins, blade shape, mirror finish, engravers marks, the sheath, file work, tapper tang… And it looks sharp! Thanks so much Seth – the knife is beyond what I could have imagined in a dream custom knife. I can’t wait to cut with it.” – Mark Ronald, Nunavut

“The knife is absolutely beautiful. An amazing work of art that continues to bring smiles, tears, and joy to those who see
it for the first or millionth time” – Raistlin Majere, Vancouver

“The knife is truly beautiful.  It is the most comfortable knife I have ever held in my hand, and its exceptional craftsmanship and quality makes it the most appropriate gift one could ever present to a chef.” – Robert Clark,  Executive Chef for Kambolis Restaurants,  C Restaurant, Raincity Grill, Nu Restaurant & Lounge, C Catering


“Received Knife on Friday…And am at a loss for words. Calling this San Mai Stainless Damascus Chef’s Knife a work of art doesn’t quite capture it. This is an heirloom-quality piece! The pictures were beautiful, but when I opened the package & beheld it in person, I was truly blown away. The execution & craftsmanship are world-class; the Mammoth Scales & stainless Pins exquisite, but, what really slayed me were the integrated, dove-tailed Bolsters. They are the ‘stars’ of this production! Thanks, again, Seth. This is the Knife I’ve been searching for.” – Edward Conner, Phoenix, AZ

“Holy multiple expletives!!!  The knife is far beyond what I imagined.   Incredibly beautiful.  The etching is fantastic.  The sheath is  great.  I don’t think I’ve ever held a knife that fits my hand so  well.  I went to the custom knife show in New York and handled a LOT  of knives, you’re knife could stand up with any of them. Thank you. Thank you.”

Anthony Lawrence Sedlak (11/07/08)

“I’ve had the pleasure of using one of Seth’s knives and what struck me the most is the precision craftsmanship and attention to fine detail that went into the piece.  His knives are as much a piece of art, as they are a quintessential culinary tool.  Each custom, handmade knife is completely unique making it a treasure to last a lifetime!”

(The late) Acclaimed Chef, Anthony Sedlak, host of hit TV show, The Main on Food Network Canada, and author of The Main – Recipes

“As a chef and cooking instructor Seth has made me a custom Santoku style knife. It is without doubt the nicest knife I have ever used, and is the envy of my students. I was previously a big fan of other imported knives but it is wonderful to find this level of craftsmanship, quality and design a stones throw from where I live. I have reccomended Cosmo knives to all my students and have given one of Seth’s knives to my apprentice, I am sure he will have it for the rest of his life. It is a delight to be able to reccomend a local business without reservation.” Bruce Wood, Chef, Canada

Dear Seth, “Just to let you knife # 845 has found its way to Holland and is doing good service in our kitchen. One of the best souvenir’s ever brought back from your quite beautiful part of the world!”

“Hello I was lucky enough to see your knives at the market on Salt Spring Island when i was there for my honeymoon just over a year and a half ago. I am a certified Red Seal Chef here in London Ontario and recognized your knives from across the market. Anyway I bought 2 knives both with a beatiful tooled top edge a chef knife and a smaller home knife. Since then in many restaurants and cooking jobs i have pulled the two knives out and always coworkers and customers have been impressed. They are truly the only knives i use now and have completely pushed aside my Spanish and German sets. Just wanted to send you this in respect for a craftsman who does what he loves well and truly. I was just out with another friend who was buying a Christmas present for his mother and wanted to get her a knife. A high end store here presented him with a top quality Henkel and i lifted it a couldnt belive the lightness and lack of grip on the handle. I immediately told him to get something different. I know i am spoiled now and will never go back. I hope in the future i will be able to get more wonderful blades from ya.” P. Dunham London Ontario

“Hi Seth, I am back from my trip in the USA, and I found in postal office something veeeery nice – your -my KNIFE !!!!!!!!!!!! Seth you are TRULY A MASTER !!! I’VE NEVER SEEN IN MY entire LIFE SUCH A BEAUTY IN THE TERMS OF KNIFE !!! WHAT CAN I SAY,………….. THE KNIFE IS JUST –     F  A  N  T  A  S  T  I  K     – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You respected my design for 100% and you created with absolute accuracy everything what I was asking for.  Color of blade, mocume bolsters and the stone lapis lazuli are unbelievably matching and are exactly created as I imagined it in my mind.  Seth, you created a knife of my dreams.”

“Bro, that beast CHOPPED A COCONUT IN HALF with one swing.  It’s like a 2 foot tempered steel razor blade.  Amazing work…amazing.”