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Cosmo Design encapsulates the beautiful, the creative and the functional. Cosmo Design is about contributing to a better more sustainable and pleasurable way of life. It is about balance – whether it be the way a knife rests in the palm of your hand, a ring sits on your finger or the dance between work and life. Cosmo Design is the family business of Seth Cosmo Burton and partner Tara Gentle Martin. With their daughter Silka Violet and son Mateo Ren they run their business from Salt Spring Island, Canada.

Seth and Tara have been cultivating their sense of design and aesthetic for as long as they can remember. Growing up on Salt Spring and travelling widely with their parents from an early age, they had plenty of inspiration. At the foundation is a deep respect for the natural world, the plants, the animals, the quality of the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Island life saw them surrounded by artisans, musicians, organic farmers, craftspeople, and professionals from all walks of life and allowed them to dream big and wide about the world they wanted to live in and what they could contribute to help build that world.

It also shaped the way Seth and Tara developed their lives off-island. Growing an organic garden, supporting local industry and producers, tending chickens in urban backyards, upcycling materials and items into new cool objects just seemed common sense things to do even if living in the centre of a big city.

Art, design and craftsmanship are in Seth’s genes. His mother Diana Dean an acclaimed artist and late father Raymond Burton an accomplished architect encouraged Seth and his 3 brothers to create from a young age. By his mid-teens, Seth knew his passion was working with his hands, creating beautiful functional things. Seth is now a self-taught master in the art of laminating stainless steels.

Tara on the other hand, took a more academic route and followed her passion for the conservation of the natural world, working around the globe and spending over 20 years living in Australia. Over that time she has built a successful career as a conservation scientist and is a leader in her field.

Art and science are not so far apart. There is a lot of science to working with metal. From forging to heat-treating and mastering the perfect balance of a knife, each step requires precision and an understanding of metallurgy, chemistry and physics. Likewise in science, Tara explains, great scientific breakthroughs often come from thinking outside the norm and this requires a creative mind. Together Seth and Tara bring their diverse skill set and inspiration to Cosmo Design to produce timeless, functional pieces of art.

Cosmo design is about creating exquisite, heirloom, one-of-a-kind, handmade knives and jewelry for use and wear in the home and outdoors. Their designs are built to deliver exceptional performance under extreme conditions. Cosmo design is one link in the chain of sustainable living and design.