Kitchen Knives

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Below is a selection of our popular kitchen knife designs. Click on the picture to see high resolution image. Sets are made to order.

To place an order we request a 50% deposit.  Wait times are up to 6 months.  Once the knife is completed we send an image and request final payment prior to shipping.

Prices are approximately $150.00 CAD per inch of blade. For example, our most popular 8″ fusion chef is $1195.00 CAD.

Each blade is hand forged from 100+ layers of high chromium pattern welded stainless steels (Damascus) with a core of CPM S90V super steel.  Our handle material is locally sourced and professionally stabilized maple burl reinforced with carbon fiber. Each blade comes encased in a hand made wooden or leather sheath.  Each knife has a unique identification number.

Email us for any questions or inquires