It’s All About the Steel2018-08-30T14:34:43+00:00

The steel is the heart of the knife. I research and test many different types and combinations of steels for knife performance and work directly with the  best foundry and steel mill in North America and possibly the world – Crucible Industries and Niagara Specialty Metals.

After 25 years of research and development, I’ve narrowed my key steel types down to the following combinations which I forge myself.  These provide the price range and performance I require.

I have recently upgraded to CPMS110V and CPM20CV on some of the specialty knives.

Type 1) Premium stainless steel – (Outdoor & Kitchen knives) CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) S35VN-RC59.  Excellent performance in toughness and edge holding as well as very stain resistant. Bead blasted or brush finish.

Type 2) Clad (San mai) Stainless Damascus – CPM S90V RC60 core – Pattern welded steel made from 100+ folds of 304/410/20CV Stainless steels. This combination provides a perfect balance, of edge retention, stain resistance, toughness and beauty that I strive for.  The skill and craftsmanship of forging a beautiful blade delivers a one-of-a-kind tool that will last lifetimes.



Heat-treating is the soul of the blade.  Each steel type and combination requires a unique and intensive heat-treating process.  I do all my own heat-treating and a single blade can take up to 8 hours of heating, hardening, tempering and ice/oil quenching using multiple precision temperature controlled electric kilns.  Once complete, each blade is tested for hardness using a Starrett Rockwell Hardness Tester.