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Coming from a family of artists, architects and designers, my brothers and I were encouraged to create from a young age.  As a kid I carried a hatchet and knife with me and whittled knives out of wood. During my teenage years, I followed my interest in working with wood and soon found myself an apprenticeship in wood joinery.

Working with metal developed soon after as a result of a desire to restore a 1956 Chevy pickup.  During this project I taught myself how to gas weld and soon I found myself forging my first ‘real’ finished knife from a Chevy leaf spring.

Since then, I have made over 3000 knives including a wide-variety of chef, fishing, hunting, utilitarian and artisan knives. In every knife I strive for perfection, from the function and balance of the blade, to the fit and form of the handle.  The steel is the heart of the knife. I use only the highest quality stainless and carbon steels. From these I hand forge clad (San Mai) and pattern welded steels (Damascus) in the ancient tradition of sword making.

My handles are made out of the best local sustainably sourced materials, including semi-precious stones, stabilized wood, horn, antler and bone.

My passion for making knives has taken me around the world to work and study alongside master knife makers and designers.  Most recently I have been crafting one of a kind rings out of Damascus, and patterned Gold, Silver and Bronze (Mokume).  Along with my knives it gives me great pleasure to produce a product that is timeless and can be passed through the generations.

Cosmo Design is a family business run out of our workshop on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. Supported by my wife, Tara, daughter Silka and son Mateo, I am blessed to be able to pursue my passion.

Thank you for your interest and support of Cosmo Design.

Stay Sharp,