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*Globe and Mail (2017) On the cutting edge
“The art of forging knives is a continual learning curve,” Burton says. “I was fortunate to have an experienced traditional coal forge blacksmith elder sharing my workshop … with his help, I made my first forged carbon-steel knife back in 1994. Since then, it’s been a combination of travelling to visit makers around the world, books, Internet and drawers full of failures.”

*Aqua Magazine (2014) – “Heart of a knife – the timeless art of Cosmo Design
“The challenge to make objects that look good, feel good and are functional is what motivates Seth Cosmo Burton, founder of Cosmo Design.”

*Food Artisans of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands by Don Genova (2014)  Press

“One of these knives, especially one of his special Damascus one’s would be a great lasts-a-lifetime gifts for the foodie in your life who has everything.”

*Cowichan Valley Voice (2014)

“The majority of Cosmo knives are custom order and sent worldwide. From professional to home chefs his kitchen knives are his most popular. For outdoor enthusiasts, Seth’s outdoor and hunting knives are renowned for retaining the edge even under the most intensive and extensive uses.”

Silviculture Magazine (2013) “The ultimate tree planting shovel”

“Like a true piece of art the design didn’t occur overnight. Over several months the design emerged with a blade of Damascus steel rather than the handle. As we worked, there was an unspoken understanding between us that we were going for the absolute best shovel possible. In the end the only thing we used from the original shovel was the general size and weight. The final construction is what we consider to be the best tree planting shovel made to date. In fact it is probably the most beautiful and functional shovel ever made.”

BC Local News (2012) “Cosmo Knives company brings artful touch to culinary champions”

“Canada’s top chefs will now be able to put a little piece of Salt Spring into their work with handcrafted knives made by the unique company, Cosmo Knives. at the Canadian Culinary Knife Championships

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*Salt Spring Island Craft Bazaar Blog (2012)

“Seth is the official Culinary knife supplier for the 2012 Canadian Culinary Championship and is in collaboration with Niagara Specialty Metals in making exotic laminated leading edge blade steels.”

*Eat Magazine (2011) “San Mai Stainless Damascus to be made in BC

 “There are other makers making San Mai in carbon steels but Seth Burton is the only one using high performance stainless steel.”

*Eat Magazine (2009) “Anatomy of a knife”

“On Salt Spring, Seth Burton crafts extraordinary knives”

*Don Genova’s blog (2009)

“Seth’s Cosmo Knives are made pretty much from scratch.  He starts out with raw hunks of steel, heats them and presses them and rolls them and cuts them and grinds them and seasons them and so on, until he has a finished product.  His shop, not far from the Fulford Harbour ferry terminal, is jammed with grinders and presses and a forge, much of it built or designed by Seth himself.”

*Aqua Magazine (2007) “Steel sharp artistry” – “Seth Burton’s Cosmo knives unsheath beauty and function”

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*Featured in “Salt Spring: The people, the place” by Michael Levy (2004)

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