Designing your Cosmo knife or ring

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Things to consider when designing your knife

Designing your knife

Three different kitchen knife styles and blade lengths. From top to bottom: 8″ Fusion chef, 6″Drop point, 4.5″ paring knife

1. Blade length. Whether for the kitchen or outdoors it is important to chose a blade length that works for you

2. Blade shape – There are many different blade shapes – in the kitchen two common types are Fusion chef (spear-point) and Santoku (drop-point) (top two knives right)

3. Handle material. We specialize in locally sourced, A-grade stabilized maple burl. Other materials available upon request.

Things to consider when designing your ring

1. Ring size and width (e.g. Size 10, 6mm wide)

2. Addition of gold or silver liner or outer band

3. If using gold, karat of gold (14k or 18k) and colour (yellow, rose, white)

Gold lined Damascus rings