Cougar Annie Centennial knife

Cougar Annie Centennial knife. In 1915 Ada Annie Rae-Arthur landed in Hesquiat Harbour, West Coast Vancouver Island with her husband and small boatload of belongings. Over the next 70 years she would carve out a life for her family in the temperate rainforest. Her store, her post office, her family, her husbands, her skills as a hunter, trapper and her garden became widely known up and down the coast. Her mystique increased year by year, and by the time she was in her eighties she had become a living legend – Cougar Annie

To honour Cougar Annie’s memory and to celebrate the ongoing vision of the Cougar Annie estate under the stewardship of Peter Buckland and the Boat Basin Foundation as an ecological education centre, Cosmo Knives has produced a Cougar Annie Centennial knife.

There are only 100 knives – each hand crafted and individually numbered. The design is based on a Scandinavian bushcraft that Peter uses daily for everyday chores at Boat Basin including tending and sculpting the gardens. This is an ideal, camping, utility, gardening, pic-nicking, and whittling, light-weight outdoor knife. The handles are made from an old-growth red cedar burl which Peter cut off a tree on ‘Cougar Annie’s’ property. They have been kiln dried and stabilized (resin injected under vacuum and pressure) to ensure they do not split or shrink over time. The blades are made from S35VN premium stainless. The bolster is cast, polished aluminium and each knife comes with a hand-crafted leather sheath with belt loop. Each knife has a motif of Cougar Annie etched on the blade along with its limited edition x/100 number.

Knives are $495 each with $50 of each sale going to the Boat Basin foundation

Email ( or call (250 653 2435) to reserve your piece of Canadian history.

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