Damascus set_lr
4_5 Damascus Bushcraft 2LR
Damascus chef 2017_LR
Damascus pair gold liner
Droplet patterned Damascus
skinner with muskox
Knife block 2
Fusion melon1
Garlic harvest
Damascus knife ring set
Droplet pattern Bushcraft1
Cougar annie
Damascus Bushcraft
Straight razor Damascus G10 _2
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Beautiful knives take time to make.

“I take enormous pride in my craftsmanship and each knife takes however long it takes to get it right. In the world we live in today, taking ones time to do things right is a lost art. I feel fortunate and blessed to be able to obsess on a single knife and massage each part of it until it is perfect. Mass production and speed is not the mentality at Cosmo Design. When people view my work I want them to stop and think – how did he do that? I have never seen that before. That’s what makes my pieces successful and engaging on all levels. That’s what motivates me to create each day. To make beautiful functional pieces of art.” – Seth Cosmo Burton

Cosmo knives are never owned they are simply held for the next generation.

Cosmo Knives